Yoga retreat in Cornwall – why you should give it a go
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Yoga retreat in Cornwall – why you should give it a go

FInd out all about our Yoga retreat in Cornwall & why you should give it a go. Perfect for beginners, solo travellers & friends.

Yoga Retreat in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. Really. Stunning countryside, unbeatable beaches and a totally unique coastline make it a top holiday destination for many each year. But its natural beauty also makes Cornwall the perfect place for a relaxing and energising yoga retreat. Combine that with surfing and wild camping in one of Cornwall’s incredible forests and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoor getaway.

Why outdoor yoga?

We all know how good yoga is for us. It helps with mental health, makes us stronger and more flexible, and can be a great way to both unwind and energise. A key part of yoga is connecting with your surroundings and becoming more aware. So, imagine if you could do yoga in a beautiful retreat surrounded by nature, birdsong and fresh air. The whole experience is heightened and you’ll get even more out of it!

It’s also really important that we take time out to connect with nature more. We don’t allow ourselves enough time to really appreciate what’s around us and take it all in. In our guided yoga classes you’ll be able to challenge yourself physically whilst enjoying the benefits of being surrounded by the beautiful Cornish countryside.

What can you expect from our yoga retreat in Cornwall?

We know first-hand how well surfing and yoga go together, which is why we offer our combined weekend getaways. If you’re new to surfing, you’ll find that you use muscles you never knew existed – in all kinds of places! Our yoga classes are expertly designed to target these muscles to strengthen them and make them more flexible. Practising yoga is also a great way to stretch out your body to reduce any muscle fatigue you may feel the next day. Yoga is the perfect way to make sure you’re up and ready to go every morning!

But it’s not all about helping aching muscles. Core strength is really important in surfing and a fundamental part of yoga. By improving your core strength and balance in a yoga class, you’ll be able to get up on your board quicker and feel more confident when you’re up there!

Whilst our yoga classes are designed to go hand in hand with surfing, they’re also fun, a great way to meet new people and enjoy the beautiful nature in Cornwall. They take place in an open-sided barn (so we’re prepared for the inevitable English weather) in the heart of the forest. Whether it’s your first time attempting yoga or you’re an experienced yogi, your yoga instructor will be able to help you relax, make the most of your surroundings and stretch your muscles. 

As well as yoga and surf classes, you’ll also be wild camping. We offer super comfortable bell tents for you to get a good night’s rest in before the adventures of the next day.

What’s new about our surf and yoga retreat?

We’ve decided to expand our yoga retreat to include even more fun and new things for you to try! We now offer paddleboard yoga classes which are a great way for you to hone your skills whilst enjoying the beautiful Cornish coast. Your experienced instructor will make you feel safe, whilst giving you new challenges and making sure you have a lot of (possibly wobbly) fun!

We’re also now offering weekly surf and yoga packages so you can practise your skills more often and really see the benefits of combining these two sports.

Who’s the yoga retreat for?

Our yoga retreats are open to everyone! Whether you’re a solo traveller, a couple or a group, our weekend surf and yoga getaways are the perfect place to meet other people, socialise and learn something new. We also cater to all different levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never gotten onto a board or have no idea what the lotus pose is, our experienced instructors will take you through it all step by step.

Do you fancy getting away from it all for a weekend, trying something new and going on a bit of an adventure – all whilst being surrounded by the stunning Cornish countryside? Get in touch to book your place and see how you can benefit and enjoy yoga!

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