Wild Camping in Cornwall: the perfect weekend away
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Wild Camping in Cornwall: the perfect weekend away

Private woodland wild camping in the heart of Cornwall…

When I suggested wild camping in Cornwall to a group of friends and family, I wasn’t sure what they would say. Having been on many camping trips myself, I was a little apprehensive. It usually involves a lot of packing, unpacking, setting up… and then more packing.

But this wild camping weekend was different. The tents were up, the gas cooker was ready, and all the cooking equipment was good to go. All we had to do was turn up and enjoy ourselves.

Great for big groups

Organising a weekend away for a big group of friends and family is not easy. Most places are too small, and you then have the added responsibility of making sure that no one breaks anything – or spills red wine on the carpet.

I’d been searching for hours when I finally stumbled across the Wild Camping Cornwall experience, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner. The photos looked beautiful, and there would be all sorts of activities to keep everyone busy.

It was perfect for a big group like ours, and there wasn’t a carpet in sight.

The camp

Nestled amongst the trees, the place looks like something out of a fairy tale. Beaten paths spread out in different directions, lined by low fences made of fallen trees. In the springtime, the spaces between these trails are carpeted with wild bluebells.

The higher camp, where we stayed, is made up of four canvas yurts that sit on flat wooden decks, with airbeds to add a touch of comfort. Once we’d put our bags away, we all gathered around the large dining table and started preparing dinner.

Before long, everyone was milling about within the carefully landscaped communal area surrounding the fire pit. The space is covered in case of rain, giving it a cosy, nestled feel. We drank, ate, sang songs and roasted marshmallows under the glowing light of the fire, and a tea-light chandelier.


On our way down, there was one thing on everyone’s mind: axe-throwing. We’d seen the photos of the mysterious wooden sign, and it was all anyone could talk about. So, after a quick tour of the campsite, we were given an induction into how to throw an axe.

And yes, it was just as much fun as we’d imagined. And hard. But the first time one of the blades sank into the target and stayed there, it was an incredible feeling.

There were plenty of other activities as well, including a giant Jenga set, slack-lining and ring-toss. One of our favourites was the log tease: two people each stand on a log and hold onto either end of a long rope.

The idea is that you need to keep your balance, whilst pulling the other person off of their log. It’s much more subtle than it sounds, and you soon understand why they call it ‘tease’.

This kept everyone busy all morning on our second day, until we eventually decided to head down to the sea. Perranporth is only a short drive away, and it’s one of Cornwall’s more stunning beaches. When the tide is low, the golden sand stretches out for hundreds of yards, with a small tower of rocks at one end that’s filled with crabbing pools.

The perfect weekend away

I kept having to remind myself that we were actually camping during that weekend. It was rugged and outdoorsy, sure, but it was also very comfortable. There are wooden armchairs and benches everywhere, and there’s even a little barn with a wood chip floor, low coffee tables and hay bales for seats.

Overall, there was a flow to the campsite that seemed to take you from place to place without too much thinking. One minute you’re drifting over to witness the intense final moments of a game of giant Jenga, the next you’re sipping on a beer by the charcoal BBQ and debating which sausage needs turning.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to spent a summer weekend with the people you care about, look no further. You’ve found it.

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