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Participation Form


Participation Form

Please complete ALL sections of this form. If you cannot complete any of the required information please acknowledge this with NA or by marking the section ‘Don’t know’. Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent, guardian or consenting adult to sign on their behalf prior to the activity.

Group Type:

Activity Date:



Full Name:


Emergency contact or next of kin:

Contact Name:

Contact Number:

Conditions of Participation:

  1. I agree to the guidelines laid out by Cornish Wave and will listen, understand and obey the instructor at all times in order to ensure the safety of all participants.
  2. I declare that to the best of my knowledge that I am fit, healthy and I am able to take part in a activity.
  3. I can swim 25 metres or more unaided in open water. Weak swimmer? Please make this known to your instructors prior to starting the activity.
  4. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from the centre or its staff. The centre can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury not arising as a result of its own act or default.
  5. I give permission for Cornish Wave to take photos of me during the session and allow them to be used for advertising purposes.


Do you suffer from any medical conditions that may effect your safety or the safety of other water users?

*If yes please describe below and inform your instructor.

Please disclose any or all medical conditions, requirements or previous injuries on this form. It is important that you disclose all historical injuries. This won't stop you taking part but we do need to know even if you feel it is irrelevant.

All information will be treated in confidence and will only be disclosed to Cornish Wave staff dealing with you.

Medical Conditions:

Terms & Conditions:

Full T&C’s are attached as part of each Booking Confirmation email, available online at or by request.

Statement of Risk:

All participants in all Cornish Wave activities take part voluntarily and at their own risk. Cornish Wave will not be held responsible for damage or injuries to persons or loss of their possessions, unless proven to be caused by their negligence. Cornish Wave is proud of its safety record and standards of instruction in all activities. Participants are reminded, however, that there is an element of risk in all water and land based activities.

They agree to partake and understand a compulsory safety briefing prior to and through out each activity. At Cornish Wave we take every precaution for the safety of your group members. However all outdoor activities have an inherent risk. Persons participating in activities or courses do so at their own risk. In the absence of negligence no claims shall be made or entertained against Cornish Wave in respect of injury or loss arising there from.

Cornish Wave does not accept responsibility for items lost. It is recommended that valuables such as - jewellery, watches, electronic devices, mobile phones, money or cards etc – are not brought on the outing. It is advisable that any group members who require the use of an inhaler should state this on their participation form and inform their instructors. Each group member should have his or her name clearly marked on any inhalers.

Please be advised that Cornish Wave staff are not permitted to administer any medication. Disruptive group members will be be asked to leave or be removed from sessions. Not following the guidance and instruction given by staff will be considered a breach of the terms & conditions and may result in the suspension of the activity for that group or individual. In this instance, no refund shall be given.

Participants will need to bring with them swimming togs, towel, a full change of warm clothing ,shoes/runners to be worn in the water, sun protection and water as appropriate.All activities will be delivered according to weather conditions and to the groups ability and may be altered at any time in order for Cornish Wave instructors to provide the best experience possible. Cornish Wave will not be held responsible for accidents/ injury/ death unless caused by their negligence.


Woodland Campers - I acknowledge & understand the risks associated with camping with Cornish Wave Limited. I acknowledge that Cornish Wave have undertaken sufficient and reasonable checks with external agencies to determine the safety and maintenance of the woodland but confirm my understanding that due to the nature of the site and even with professional management it is impossible to state that a tree is 100% safe in adverse weather conditions and are subject to unpredictable laws and forces of nature. Please see full risk assessment and terms and conditions for our Woodland Safety & Management Policy.


Signature (Print Name):

Date Signed:

Under 18's:

I confirm that the participant(s) above has permission from me to take part in any Cornish Wave activities. I confirm that they are physically fit to take part in the activities and where is deemed necessary by Cornish Wave staff they may be conveyed by ambulance, car or other means to hospital or a doctor for the purpose of medical attention.

I have read, understood and agree to the conditions of participation and give consent for this minor to take part in activities.