The spirit of Adventure activities. Why do we seek adventure?
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The spirit of Adventure activities. Why do we seek adventure?

Why we seek adventure & the benefits activities hold…

Spirit of Adventure Activities. Why Do We Seek Adventure?

We all love to seek adventure. We love to explore, push ourselves, and create new and exciting experiences. Whether it’s trying new sport, setting yourself a challenge or aim for something just out of reach – we love to push ourselves in pursuit of adventure.

But why? Why do we seek adventure? What is it about human nature that drives us to take a walk on the wild side? In the article below, we delve into this subject and discuss our seemingly inexplicable desire to thrill seek.    

An unexplainable compulsion

There are many aspects of human nature that we simply can’t explain. We experience compulsions and urges that are simply part of our sub conscious. Many people experience this with adventure and thrill seeking – it is something embedded into their very being that they have no rational explanation for.

A desire nurtured through our upbringing

In some instances, a sense and longing for adventure is instilled in people from an early age. Our personal circumstance and upbringing has a profound effect on our life choices, and how we act. For example, you may have parents who love the outdoors – they may have taken you out to explore during your childhood, and this notion has simply stuck with you in later life.

To live our life to its fullest extent

Some people seek adventure, because they want to life their life to the maximum. It is a somber thought, but life is often fleeting. We don’t know what is round the corner or waiting for us on a day to day basis. Therefore, people try to make the most of their time and seek out new life experiences as often as they can.

To push boundaries and test our capabilities

It is often a natural compulsion to push ourselves and seek continual improvement. People want to improve as human beings. They want to learn new things, broaden their horizons, and test their own strengths. It is a natural behaviour that hails back to earlier humans who had to be strong to survive.

As a form of escapism from everyday life

Finally, there is no denying that everyday life can be mundane. Working a regular job, going to school, and home life is not always exciting – it can become repetitive. By seeking adventure, we can break this monotony – it gives us something to look forward too. Furthermore, it provides excitement and a form of escapism from the trappings of everyday life.

There is a plethora of reasons why we do this whether it be escapism, pushing our boundaries, or compulsion. We understand the human desire for adventure and offer some amazing packages that will whet your appetite!

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