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1:8 Ratio For a much better experience.


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Coasteering in Cornwall is a thrilling blend of adrenaline, adventure, and exploration, perfectly suited for all ages and abilities.
Enjoy sections of adventure swimming, rock hopping, sluices, whirlpools, cave exploration, low-level traversing, sea survival skills and jumps to complete our Classic Cornwall Coasteering adventure.
From point A to B, you'll traverse the rugged terrain, utilising a variety of techniques to navigate in and out of the water. Whether it’s seeking whirlpools, sluices or deepwater jumps Coasteering is fun for all adventure where no experience is required.

1:8 SMALL GROUPS We keep our group sizes to 1:8 for a much better experience. Led by experienced guides, your journey of discovery along the stunning Cornish coastline, uncovering hidden gems and breathtaking scenery along the way.

REMEMBER: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. YOU can do as much or as little as you like!


Wild Swimming

Short swimming sections linking Coasteer elements

Deep Water Cliff Jumps

Progressive & optional cliff jumps throughout your session.

Sluices, Gullies & Whirlpools

Learn to utilise the sea & play with moving water.

What's Included

Small Groups

1:8 ratio for a much better experience.

Equipment Included In The Price

We pride ourselves on providing great equipment. All are included in the price. Just bring swimwear, old lace up trainers you don't mind getting wet & a towel.

Knowledgeable Coasteering Guides

Highly trained coasteering guides leading & supporting you throughout your session.

Indoor & Outdoor Changing Rooms

Outdoor showers and private changing areas

Activity Details


Once you're signed in by our friendly guides, we'll make sure you're comfortably suited up in a wetsuit and equipped with a buoyancy aid and helmet. Just remember to bring along your swimming costume, lace-up trainers, and a towel for the ultimate adventure.

Once everyone is ready, it’s a short walk to the Coasteering, Newquay location where, before we get in, we’ll cover the details of what to expect and the skills & techniques you’ll need to help you enjoy your Coasteer session.

Our small group coasteering sessions aim to include all the classic elements which make up a great coasteering session. From short sea swimming sections, low level traversing to managing whirlpools, zawns and jumps you’ll journey along the coastline led by your experienced guide.

You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to – you can take it easy or push your limits. You don’t need to complete any big jumps in order to make the next section. Make it as easy or as hard for yourself as you wish.

Classic Coasteer Reviews

The Classic Coasteer Trip Advisor Review

"I would absolutely do this again... and I can't wait to go back!"

The Classic Coasteer Trip Advisor Review

"Encouraging, professional & a great sense of humour"


    Coasteering is a unique way to explore and be guided along the water level of the coastline. Coasteering incorporates wild swimming, low level traversing, sluices, whirlpools and deep-water cliff jumps. It’s a fantastic activity which allows you to do as much or as little as you like!

    No not at all.  You don’t have to do any of the jumps if you don’t want to. We always start small and work our way up. JOur coasteering sessions are about exploring and journeying along the coastline. Jumping is certainly a theme running through coasteering although it is not the main element.

    You will always be given the option to challenge yourself, whether that is a small jump or large but in no way will you have to do any part of the Coasteer that you don’t want.

    Depending on the sea state and your jumping ability you will given the opportunity to progress from small belly flops, medium sized jumps through to jumps of up to 26 feet.

    We provide all the equipment you need. Just bring swimwear, old lace up trainers you don’t mind getting wet and a towel.

    If you can’t swim we would advise that you do not take part in this activity.  Much of your time will involve being in the water. If you are a weak swimmer please advise your Coasteering guides when you are completing your participation form.

    Children 8 years and older are welcome to join us on an Open Group Coasteer.  We will endeavour to match certain group demographics together such as families with families, however please note that this is not always possible.  If you are worried about your child joining an open group Coasteer and concerned about the group being suitable please get in touch and ask for further details about the Coasteer session that you are wanting to book.

    You don’t need to be super fit to participate in our Coasteer sessions.  As with any outdoor adventure activity some physical exercise will be required although this will be typically be done at your own pace.

    If you really cant see then yes its best to wear your glasses.  A piece of string or shoe lace will help to keep them connected.  Contact lenses are fine to keep in whilst coasteering we don’t tend to have too many issues with this.

    As long as we deem the sea conditions to be safe to conduct a Coasteer session we will head out in the rain.  Being by the coast we often find the weather changing quite quickly so there’s no surprise to head out in the rain only to find the sun come out by the end of the session.  In the world of water sports you’re going to get wet anyway!

    If we have to cancel as session for any reason we will always endeavour to provide another activity either on the same day or within the duration of your stay so that if you are on a Newquay stag do or a similar special occasion, it does not ruin your day.  If however we cannot due to bad weather we will issue an open activity voucher.  Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

    Yes we are fully insured by the Activities Industry Mutual.  AIM is a leading and longest running outdoor activity insurance mutual in the outdoor activity industry.  Please get in touch if you would like a copy of our insurance or would like some more information.


Every journey is an adventure tailored to the sea's conditions, tides, and the abilities of our group. With a huge range of routes to choose from and our seasoned guides leading the way, we take pride in being one of the longest-running coasteering providers in the area. Our route's intriguing names speak for themselves, from the iconic Belly Flop Rock, and Witches Peak to the adrenaline-pumping Triple Jump and the nerve-wracking Ledge of Nerves. As we traverse these coastal headlands, our journey unfolds amidst smugglers' caves, teeming with local wildlife, and rich with historic anecdotes and fun facts.



5 Mins

All Ages

All there is to know

A Beginners Guide...

A comprehensive journey through the world of coasteering. From the origins of this exhilarating activity to its evolution into the adventure it is today.


Family Coasteering

2 Hours

Ages 6+

All Equipment Provided

Family Coasteering

If you are looking for things to do in Cornwall – Coasteering Newquay is a fantastic family activity suitable for the young and not so young.


Group Surfing

2 Hours

Ages 8+

All Equipment Provided

Group Surfing Lessons

Our Group Surf Lessons in Newquay are a great way to get an introduction into surfing and enjoy time on the beach in a safe environment.

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