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Ideal for Beginner Surfers & Home to Our Newquay Surf School, Cornish Wave

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Towan Beach Newquay: Ideal For Beginner Surfers & Home To Cornish Wave



Nestled on the Cornish coast, Newquay boasts a plethora of epic beaches renowned for their surfing potential. Among these coastal gems, Fistral Beach often steals the spotlight as one of the UK's top surfing locations. Yet, a hidden treasure remains somewhat overlooked by the masses - Towan Beach. This scenic stretch of shoreline, the first in a series of beaches that constitute the Newquay Bay, is perfect for beginners and an ideal location for our surf school Newquay, holding one of only three surf schools with the license to use this beach. Let's explore why Towan Beach is a fantastic destination for aspiring surfers and why it's the perfect spot for a surf school.



Situated to the east of its famous neighbour, Fistral Beach, Towan Beach offers a unique charm that often eludes the crowds. The town of Newquay cradles this picturesque coastline, making it easily accessible to both residents and visitors. Its proximity to the town has led to its affectionate nickname - "Town Beach."

This stretch of shoreline runs from the harbour to Trevelgue Head and is the most sheltered beach for surfers when Fistral Beach has big waves and SW winds. Towan Beach forms the start of Newquay's Bay and connects to nearby beaches, such as Great Western Beach and Tolcarne Beach, allowing for long walks along the sand, especially during mid to low tide. A convenient access path leading up from Great Western Beach gives easy access to the Slope Beach Bar and Kitchen, access to the street and first come first serve residential street parking. 


One of the standout features of Towan Beach is its suitability for beginner surfers. Towan Beach or Beginners Bay more often than not provides calmer waters, making it an excellent place to practise your pop-up. The bay's unique shape means that waves are gentler here, partially hidden from the SW winds and swell by Towan Headland, providing the ideal conditions for learning and improving your skills. That said, on its day when the wind and swell align, Towan Beach can see some huge (albeit unrideable) waves. 

Towan Beach Island:

Towan Beach has an iconic island just off to the right-hand side of the beach when looking out to sea. The island is unique with a small private footbridge from the mainland over to the house which sits nestled upon the island. The island would have originally been part of the coastline but at some stage been separated. The island plays a role in surfing at Towan Beach due to the local by-law which prohibits surfing once the sea has reached the outer edge of the island. As the tide comes in and reaches this point, the waves start to wedge as less and less beach and surfing area remains. This bottlenecking of the water and waves can create dangerous conditions for novice surfers. With surfers, bathers and beach users in mind the RNLI lifeguards, when in operation (May through October) help to police the use of the beach in a bid to reduce any potential collisions and misadventures. 

Coincidently the waves only really start to break in a favourable way once the water has receded back from the island. For local surfers frequenting ‘the bay’, anything from mid-tide to just before low tide is the better option. Dead low tide tends to see the waves ‘close out’ making the waves too short to ride. So if you’re looking for where to surf in Newquay and “the bay’ is an option, don’t go at high tide and don’t go at low tide! 

Surfing The Newquay Bay | Towan, Great Western & Tolcarne Beaches

With three beaches all connected at low tide surfers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to surf in Newquay. With Towan Beach being the most sheltered (tucked in next to the harbour and sheltered by Towan headland) starting here can be a good option if you are new to the area or not sure of how big the waves are. 

If you get to Town Beach and the waves are a little small for your liking, one of the great attributes of the Newquay Bay is that is possible to paddle over from Towan Beach all the way down to Tolcarne Beach. The further you paddle towards Tolacarne the more exposed the beach is to the SW swells and the bigger the waves and wind. 

Just remember - as the tide comes in and you are surfing Great Western beach, at some stage, you will be cut off by the tide. So keep your eye on the tide and save some energy for the long paddle back to Towan!

Beaches - Newquay area - Great Western - 19 July 2016 - 1.  Matt Jessop

The Ideal Location for Surf Schools

Towan Beach is an ideal location for a Newquay surf school. This picturesque setting, with its views out over to Watergate Bay and beyond, calm and manageable waves, makes it the perfect environment for novice surfers to build their confidence. Surf schools operating here have the unique advantage of being able to provide surfing lessons in a sheltered, safe, and stunning location. 

Cornish Wave Surf School is based on Fore Street directly opposite the Pavilion cafe and is grateful to be one of only three surf schools in Newquay to be able to operate on this beach. The ease of access to the beach, courtesy of Newquay's town layout, makes it super accessible directly from our surf school. 

In conclusion, Newquay town beach is a hidden gem that offers ideal conditions for beginner surfers. With its calm and manageable waves, it provides the perfect setting for our Newquay surf school, whether you are looking for surf hire in Newquay, surfing lessons or would just like to double-check the best tide to surf, you can find us at 40 Fore street, 



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