Surfing in Newquay: A Truly Epic Stag Do Weekend
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Newquay Stag Do Surfing Weekend:  A great way to celebrate!

Stag do’s have been a marital tradition for many years – It is common practice for the groom to organise a party, weekend away or celebration with “the lads” before his wedding. The stag do could literally be anything, but the main point of this tradition is to have a good time and have one last send off before you settle down to a responsible, sensible, married life.

Newquay offers a fantastic location for a celebrations and this small coastal town provides a myriad of different activities that the stag and his friends can undertake. Before showcasing what this Cornish town has to offer, we should first look at the history of stag do’s and where this tradition originated from…

The stag do – Where does it originate from?

Various stories of the stag do origin exist, all of which are extremely manly and bold. The commonly held belief is that the first stag do was held by King Henry VIII who commanded people to attend his pre-wedding celebrations (he had 6 wives remember!) on pain of death! An alternative (and more believable) version dates back to antiquity to the time of the Spartans. This proud warrior nation would hold elaborate banquets to honour the groom during his last night as a single man. Whatever the true origins, the bachelor party is a tradition that has proved popular for various nations.

Why is Newquay such an ideal location for a stag do?

There are various locations around the UK that are hailed as fantastic stag do venues, but none have the range of opportunities that Newquay presents. For those of you who don’t know, Newquay is a small but immensely popular town on the northern Cornish coast. Newquay is famous for its surfing history and is a popular tourist destination. People visit this town to ride the waves, take in the sea air and enjoy a more laid-back pace of life.

As a venue for celebrating your last night of freedom, Newquay, of course, has a myriad of top-class bars and nightclubs, but also offers unique stag do activities that many may not at first consider. Due to its coastal location, you can try your hand at the adrenaline filled sport of Coasteering, take to the waves and surf, or even venture into the countryside and join us for a unique evening of bushcraft, axe throwing and cooking over the open fire. Forget about the traditional inner city pub crawl and embrace the unique; embrace Newquay and see what this town has to offer.

Surfing In Newquay: A Case Study Mark Wellard

Here at Cornish Wave we pride ourselves on delivering  epic adventure Stag Do’s!  Choose from a series of surf lessons, coasteering experiences or the ultimate Wilderness & Adventure weekend we guarantee to go above and beyond to ensure your time in Newquay is epic!

In 2014 Mark Wellard and friends joined us for a series of laugh a minute surf lessons as part of their stag do weekend in Newquay. The lads had a truly memorable and enjoyable time both in and out of the water – They learnt how to surf on the fine waves of Fistral beach and had a true blast.

Surfing offers a completely different experience from the standard stag do and we believe that the packages we provide will give you the perfect send off!

Take a look at what the boys had to say about their Newquay surfing weekend.