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The Benefits of Family Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the great outdoors with the family…

Taking part in fun family outdoor activities is part and parcel of a holiday in Cornwall and has many benefits. We take a look at some of the most interesting factors of a family adventure.

It brings the Family together

It’s rare that a family will come together to focus on one activity. Even if you’re together in the same room at home, mum and dad will be watching TV while the kids play on the iPad or text their friends. Time in the outdoors building a fire or learning a new skill is focussed collaborative time. Working together builds communication and bonds.

 Families spent time enjoying real ‘togetherness’ in the outdoors

Strong anecdotal evidence gathered in an extensive review of UK-centric research undertaken by Jon Barrett indicates that outdoor adventure experiences can enhance interpersonal relationships and improve socialisation, and can facilitate group bonding and co-operation.

Confidence Booster for Kids

Taking part in outdoor activities as a family are a fantastic way of building confidence and self-sufficiency. We’re not talking about survival skills in case your kids were dropped off on a desert island, but the confidence gained in themselves from pushing

Kids will have an achievement to be proud of. Building confidence, self-sufficiency and teamwork most certainly are key skills for young people to develop. Universities and Employers are continuing to demand these skills and attitudes from a generation who seldom have had an outdoor adventure and play as a core part of their childhood.

 Learning to build a fire can help boost confidence and self-esteem

An extensive review of UK-centric research undertaken by Jon Barrett for the Foundation for Outdoor Adventure supports the theory that time spent in the natural environment engaging in outdoor adventure activities can have significant mental and physical health benefits – boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

A comprehensive review conducted for the Greater London Authority found evidence linking the bushcraft and wilderness elements found in forest schools with improved social skills, self-control, self-confidence, language and communication (Gill (2011)).

New Environment – Less Stress

A Natural England survey of 10 thousand people in England suggests that lower mental distress and wellbeing is found when living in urban areas with green space and that for children, access to green spaces reduces the likelihood of behavioural issues. Unsurprisingly a Sport England study revealed that 92% outdoors sector of people take part in in the outdoors to relax and de-stress.

 A new setting with less stress allows family bonds to strengthen

Family life is often hectic and stressful for both parents and children. Often, simply the change of setting offered by Wild Camping will ‘reset’ interpersonal relationships and allow the family to start communicating and working together.

Wild Camping is often a brand new experience for family members of all ages. This provides an excellent opportunity for learning together at the same pace. Not only are you enjoying the bonding experience of learning a new skill together, but suddenly there is a level playing field and you can enjoy learning together.

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