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    Coasteering – What Exactly Is It?
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Coasteering – What Exactly Is It?

Find out what exactly Coasteering is and whether its for you…

Coasteering is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities we offer at Cornish Wave. It’s the perfect combination of adventure, adrenalin and nature. But as well as being one of the most popular, it’s also one of the most asked about activities.

What exactly is it? Can anyone do it?

What if I don’t want to cliff jump, do you leave me stranded there forever? (Hopefully, the answer to that one is obvious).

Here’s what you need to know about coasteering in Cornwall.

So, What Exactly is Coasteering?

Coasteering is a largely water-based activity that will have you traversing along cliff edges, exploring gullies, wild swimming, and swirling around in whirlpools. For those who are up to it, you can also do some deep water cliff jumps. Sound fun?

It’s a sport that has mixed origins – whether it was as surfers or climbers scrambling along cliff edges in the 1980’s in search of waves or unique climbs only available and accessed by “coasteering” to find secret spots it’s hard to say. Luckily today, there’s no need to do it one-handed with a board tucked under your arm. It’s developed into a sport that gets you up close and personal with the coast which would otherwise be inaccessible. It’s fun, exciting and one of the top activities Cornwall has to offer.

Is It For Everyone?

Absolutely! Coasteering is an accessible activity that you can make as challenging or as easy as you wish. It’s totally up to you. You will need to be able to swim though, but our experienced guides will teach you how to swim defensively, exit deep water, and safely cliff jump (if you choose to).

All of the trails are thoroughly explored in advance, meaning that there are always multiple ways of completing them. So in answer to the previous question, there’s no need to worry. You won’t be stranded at the top of a cliff. There’s always another way.

It’s also a great activity for anyone who wants a bit of an adventure and to explore the Cornish coast like they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. You can get close up to wildlife, swim through large smugglers caves and see the natural sea fauna. 

Is It Dangerous?

Nope, not if you go with an experienced guide. Ok, so there’s an element of risk in whatever you do, but we provide safety equipment, detailed safety talks and all our coasteering trips are planned by our experts. We know the safest terrains along the coast that will also give you a diverse adventure.

And whilst safety is our number one priority, enjoyment is a close second. Our coasteering groups are small, meaning the guide can help individuals and push them out of their comfort zones (not literally, obviously). We support you to do as much as you feel comfortable with whilst ensuring you have fun!

Our guides are also well trained in preserving the natural coastline and environment. They know when local wildlife may be breeding or nesting and leave them in peace to do their thing. They can also point out local seabirds, seals and other wildlife.

I’m Ready To Make The Jump

Great! We offer group, private and family coasteering adventures. So whatever your group size, we can cater to all. They each give you two hours of coasteering fun with an experienced guide, taking you along the stunning coastline around Newquay. For more information and how to book click here.

We also understand that for many, coasteering is a new activity and we want to put any nerves at ease right away. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@cornishwave.com.

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