Activities In Newquay: Why We Love Adventure Activities (And You Should Too!)
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Outdoor Adventure Activities in Newquay

Learn about our passion for adventure activities in Newquay…

Here at Cornish Wave, we absolutely love outdoor activities! We relish the challenge, the invigoration, the adrenaline and the sheer enjoyment. What better way to keep fit, and have some fun, than to engage in a thrilling deep water coasteering cliff jump, camp out in the wilderness, or master the waves by getting surf lessons in Cornwall? There is literally no substitute for an action-packed day full of outdoor pursuits and this is something we relish being involved in; both in our work and our free time.

We hope you find this love of outdoor activities in Newquay contagious and we sincerely urge everyone to consider getting out of the house and getting active as often as possible. Why exactly should you love activities? What is it about being outdoors that is so appealing? How can partake in activities such as Surfing and Coasteering improve your quality of life? Read on to find out how!

Activities make us feel alive

There is no better feeling in life than standing on your surfboard, feeling the wind whip against your face and the refreshing spray of the waters from Fistral beach as you surf your first Cornish wave. You’ll never feel more alive than when scrambling along a stretch of beautiful Cornish coastline or challenging yourself to jumping headlong into the welcoming waters beneath you. Outdoor adventure activities make you feel alive, you won’t find a better alternative!

Activities can help us keep fit and healthy

In today’s modern world, we often simply don’t have time for fitness and regular exercise. Outdoor activities such as Coasteering Cornwall and wilderness camping involve natural exercise and physical exertion. What’s even better is that as we are having fun and enjoying ourselves, the exercise does not feel like a burden or a chore! When climbing on the Cornish cliffs, or surfing on the waves of Newquay, you could burn off hundreds of calories and not even notice!

Activities allow us to build memories with our friends

Memories are something that we can treasure as we grow older; something that cannot be taken away from us and serve as a source of happiness in our lives. Undertaking outdoor activities with your friends allows you to create some simply fantastic memories. During these outings you will laugh, have fun, play jokes on each other, and also strengthen your bonds of friendship; these positive actions and feelings will live long in your memory and make your life rich.

Activities allow us to push ourselves to the max

As humans, we thrive when put under pressure or in a challenging situation. Many of us simply love pushing ourselves to the limit and seeing what we can achieve. Activities such as Coasteering cater to this innate desire to better ourselves; maybe you have a fear of heights and conquer it by jumping from the top of a 20ft cliff whilst Coasteering? Maybe you have never surfed before, but take to the waves and master the basics with surf lessons in Newquay?

Activities allow us to experience the natural world

Our world is hugely important and it is vital that we treat it with respect, but at the same time enjoy what it has to offer. Outdoor activities can allow us to experience the natural world, explore the landscapes of the British Isles and improve our knowledge of wildlife, geology and organic species.

Why not get involved in an outdoor activity and improve your quality of life? Coasteering, Wilderness Camping and Surfing are just three of the many activities that you can engage in that can bring you the benefits mentioned above – once you have taken the first step, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

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