Surfing in Newquay: A Unique Surf Day
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Despite the early start, the girls from Unique Home Stays were with us right on time as the sun shone over our beautiful Fistral Beach. Cornish Wave’s head honcho, Jey, and surf coach, Ash were waiting to greet the guys and kickstart the festivities.

Raring to go Raring to go

After suiting up, the group headed down to Fistral Beach where it was time to listen up and get started with some on-land exercises. Ash led quick warm-up, and ran through some important beach safety info.

Pay attention Pay attention

After learning the basics on the sand, it was time to head out into the surf and put it into practice!

Don't be shy! Don’t be shy!

The group paddled around in the white-water close to shore for 45 minutes with Ash keeping a hawks eye on everyone (making sure the ladies was surfing, rather than sinking). Gradually building confidence, the girls soon mastered basic board handling and riding waves lying down.

Ash then collected everyone on the sand once again. Now it was time to school everyone on how to stand up. The real surfing was to commence!

Wait... Surfing or Yoga?! Wait… Surfing or Yoga?! The evolution of surfer The evolution of surfer

Back in the big blue meaning business this time!

I came, I saw, I surfed I came, I saw, I surfed Everybody's doing it! Everybody’s doing it!

Locals had caught wind of the good surf that day and the beach started to fill up with like minded wave-enthusiasts, so the guys called it day and headed for dry land for a hot shower and some lunch.

The smiles on everyone’s faces said it all, but we’re very happy with what Unique Home Stays’s blog had to say about the experience:

“A huge thanks to the team at Cornish Wave, who were the perfect mix of laid-back, professional and completely brilliant.”

The gals from Unique Home Stays were an absolute pleasure and us at Cornish Wave had a ball from start to finish. We’re immensely proud to have given them their first taste of surfing and we have a feeling we might see them again!

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