12 Things You Need To Know Before Coasteering
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Discover 12 Things You Need To Know Before Coasteering

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Coasteering in the UK

Coasteering in the UK has become a hugely popular outdoor adventure activity that has grown and developed massively over the past 10 years.

The activity itself is as unique as its name and welcomes everyone from hardcore adventure lovers to families seeking to gently discover the coastline in new ways.

1.  Anyone Can Enjoy Coasteering

Coasteering is an adventure activity that anyone can take part in – With 99% of people who join us never having had any previous experience, coasteering is a great water-based adrenaline activity for anyone.

You don’t need to be Bear Grills to enjoy Coasteering!

All you need to take part is a taste for adventure. Something to wear under your wetsuit, a towel and a pair of lace up trainers. We’ll take care of the rest.

2.  The Benefit Outweighs The Risk

Coasteering is a perfect example of an adventure activity that has very little inherent risk but huge potential benefits for its participants.

With professional experienced guiding and the relatively low skill levels required by the participants, combined with the unique environment, coasteering is growing to become one of the most popular adventure activities that promote big benefits.

3.  Challenge By Choice

A question that we are often asked is “Do I have to do the big jumps?”

Coasteering allows you to choose your challenges – As with many adventure activities stretching your individual comfort zone is naturally part and parcel of taking part in something new and exciting.

By far the biggest personal benefit from coasteering is being able to set your own standards by choosing to challenge your own personal comfort zone – for some that may mean swimming in the sea, to others it may mean a daring deep water cliff jump.

Whatever your personal limitations may be – you won’t be asked to do anything that you don’t want to do. 

4.  Learn New Skills & Build Confidence In Yourself

Right from the start of your coasteering session our guides are interested in you.

We take pride in getting to know each individual as best we can and to find out what you are looking forward to and what reservations you may have.

Our role in providing a safe and enjoyable activity is to impart the relative skills needed to enjoy yourself Coasteering. We start off slow and small and make sure that everyone is comfortable and understands what they are doing.

Whether you’re nervous, a weak swimmer or worse, ‘gun ho’ and overconfident we have been delivering outdoor activities for over 14 years and feel that we know how to tailor the experience to suit both your individual and groups needs.

5.   Wildlife & Fun Facts

Surround yourself with nature and soak up the elements. Be it barnacles, seaweed or seals – we’ll cover all the fun nature facts we know as we make our way around the headlands and bays.

Connect with nature and discover some of what makes our coastlines so fantastic as you swim through big caves, slosh about in sluices and crawl up gullies to reach the next element of your coasteering session.

6.  Cornwall Is Perfect For Coasteering

With the Cornish coastline stretching up to a distance of 630miles, there is plenty of space to explore.

The coastline around Newquay is perfectly suited for coasteering and offers some of the best locations in the UK.  Dramatic scenery gives way to small bays and beaches and with a big maritime history, the Cornish waters have plenty of tails to tell.

7.  Coasteering — A Mixture Of Adventure Sports

Coasteering combines elements of many adventure sports like climbing, canyoning, and wild swimming. A diverse activity made even more unique by the ever-changing sea conditions and dynamic use of skills, coasteering really is an activity for the 21st century.


8.  Developed in the UK

Commercial coasteering is said to have been developed in the mid-1980’s by a group of friends and outdoor adventure enthusiasts in Pembrokeshire.

When waves and wind didn’t provide the means for other outdoor sports, bored hobbyists at a loose end started to explore the rugged Welsh coastline in search of adventure.

The company now known as TYF (Twr y Felin) still deliver coasteering and adventure experiences sessions to this day.

9.  Join Us As An Individual Or As Part Of A Group

Coasteering is an activity that can be enjoyed by both individuals and groups alike. Our coasteering sessions are designed to welcome a wide mixture of the public and we tailor each group to compliment the individuals that make up each group.

10.  You’ll Feel Like A Real Adventurer In All The Gear

Wetsuits, buoyancy aids, trainers and a helmet – you’ll feel quite the adventurer and ready for anything once you are all kitted up. We provide all the safety equipment you need to begin your coastal adventure.

Some say the hardest part is getting all the kit on!

11.  Tick It Off Your Bucket List

If this is your year to be more adventurous, coasteering is a fantastic start to tick those items off your list.  Grab a friend and join us for a coasteering session in Newquay. We run daily sessions in Newquay so there is no excuse for giving it a miss.

12. Each Coasteering Session Is Unique

Our coasteering sessions in Newquay are governed by the tides and the sea state each day.

Constant changes in tides, waves and wind combine to change the framework of what elements in a coasteering session are better suited on a daily basis. 

Coasteering guide Oli states “That’s one of the great advantages of coasteering, each time is slightly different depending on the sea conditions and groups needs & wants”

Although many features and elements within a coasteering location remain the same it’s the dynamic nature of the activity to seek, discover and coincide with the sea state for each session making for unique experiences time and time again.


You’re welcome as an individual, couple or group of friends. We run daily coasteering sessions in Newquay – get in touch to find out availability and session times.

  1. Contact us with the dates that you wish to join us.
  2. Confirm that you are happy with your Coasteering session details & pay securely via Paypal or over the phone on 01637 872031 between 7am and 9pm each day.
  3. You’ll be given your arrival time in your booking confirmation email. Meet us at our central base in Newquay (4 Alma Place, Newquay, TR7 1NF) Bring a towel, something to wear under your wetsuit and a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet. We provide the rest!


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