12 Reasons You Should Go Camping
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12 Reasons You Should Go Camping

Discover why we think more people should go camping…

At Cornish Wave, we love the outdoors and the opportunities and memories that camping brings. We want to share our enthusiasm and introduce more people to camping & the fantastic benefits, not to mention the great experiences you can have camping. Here’s our list of 12 reasons why YOU should go camping and give it a try!

1. Exercise

When camping, you are often much more active than you usually would be. Typically you’re outside and on the go for most of the day, giving you a real chance to exercise and explore an active way of living. For example, you have more opportunities to go walking or hiking or try new activities like coasteering.

2. Explore new areas

There are hundreds of camping locations in the UK – you can find many here in Cornwall. With plenty of hidden gems, camping in the UK gives you the chance to explore new parts of the country and travel to places you may not have considered before. You can broaden your horizons and see what the UK has to offer.

3. Take a break from a hectic pace of life

Life can be hectic and testing at times. You may go to work, to the gym, to pick children up from school etc. This can mean that you find little time to relax and take a break. Camping gives you that time – it provides a slower pace of life and gives you a well-earned break from your daily routine.

4. Spend more time with family or friends

Finding time to be with your friends and family can be tricky. But it is important and we all need that social connection. Camping gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Organizing a camping trip with your family, or a few close friends ensures you can spend quality time together.

5. Leave technology behind

Whilst technology is generally amazing, it can be distracting too and we can become reliant on it. When camping, you have the opportunity to leave technology behind. Turn your smartphone off, leave your tablet and laptop at home and simply enjoy a more basic pace of life – it can be truly refreshing.

6. Learn new skills

When camping, you have the chance to learn so many new skills. You may have never erected a tent, for example. Or you may not know how to use a camping stove. Also, you may get the chance to try more exciting skills like fire making, and even axe throwing!

7. As an affordable travel alternative

Travel can often be expensive. Paying for flights and quality hotels, for example. If you want a cheap break, camping provides the perfect affordable alternative in the UK. You can simply drive to your location, and all you need is camping equipment and a campsite! Also, whilst the camping equipment has a one-off expense, you can use it many times so the investment is worth it.

8. Learn more about nature

Our planet is bursting with diverse ecosystems and nature. Even in a relatively basic setting like a forest or woodland you can learn so much about nature. When camping, you have a unique chance to improve your knowledge of our world and your natural surroundings. The first-hand experience is so much better than reading about it on Wikipedia!

9. Stargazing

In towns and cities, light pollution often dilutes the night sky and it becomes less impressive. When camping, however, you are often secluded and far away from man-made lights. As a result, the night sky looks stunning – with no light pollution you can see the stars and so much more detail. This means camping is perfect if you enjoy stargazing.

10. Improve relationships

Building on point three, our hectic lives often mean that we can’t devote time to our relationships. We may not be able to make bonds and discuss important matters. Camping allows you to do this. You can relax in a beautiful setting and rekindle those vital bonds with your loved ones. There are no distractions – just you and your campsite; as a result, you may find that you can have long-overdue conversations in relative peace.

11. Try new meals and cooking methods

Camping also offers completely different eating and cooking experience. You don’t have the luxury of a full kitchen with appliances or fully stocked cupboards. Instead, you may learn how to use a small camping stove, or even cook food over a campfire! This allows you to expand your cooking repertoire, and also try some amazing camp food.

12. Challenge yourself

Finally, camping gives you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you feel like you need to develop skills or step up to a challenge, this is the perfect opportunity. You can try some new activities like making fires, or even something simpler like setting up a tent. By doing so, you can test your limits – you may be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Give Camping a Try and Explore Our Amazing World

We hope you now have an interest in camping and what it could offer. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should give it a try – it really is a rewarding and fun experience. If this sounds like your type of adventure, Cornish Wave provides wild camping experiences as part of our packages – why not check them out today?

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