10 Reasons To Go To Surf School In Newquay
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10 Reasons To Go To Surf School In Newquay

Discover why you need to do to surf school in Newquay.

Why Attending Surf School In Newquay Is A Must

 With its stunning beaches, thronging nightlife and vibrant surfing atmosphere, Newquay has always been a spot which attracts lots of visitors. A surfing destination unrivalled by any in the UK, surfers come from around the world to take advantage of the many surfing beaches and soak up the summer surf scene.

We love our work and we love Newquay, and we think you will too. Here is our list of reasons to get down here and learn to surf in Newquay.

Top Reasons to Attend Surf Lessons Newquay School

Surfing is a fantastic sport that an ever-growing number of people are taking up. In the UK, surfing has been practised for many years, especially in the county of Cornwall, and the booming coastal town of Newquay. Both county and town are known for being legendary surfing locations and draw thousands of visitors each year to sample the Atlantic waves and the surfing culture that is ever-present.

Attending supervised lessons with a professional surf school is a fantastic way to start this sport and as you will see below, offers a great deal more than just supervision and training. Firstly, learning surfing can improve your quality of life and self-development, but also allow you to experience what Newquay has to offer.

For self-development and quality of life

1. Build your self-confidence and bravery

Surfing requires a great deal of bravery and self-confidence – It takes courage to swim into the water and attempt to stand up on your board as the waves crash around you! Each time you climb on your board, paddle out and attempt to pop up, your confidence will grow, and you will learn to conquer any fears you have of the water.

2. Maintain a strong level of fitness and activity

Exercise is often hard to come by, and new technologies provide us alternate means of entertainment such as smartphones and tablets. Joining a Surf School can give you a reason to exercise and help boost your fitness levels. Surfing requires a great deal of strength and stamina and each time you attend a lesson, your physical fitness and cardiovascular fitness will improve.

3. Find a release from the stress of modern life

In today’s modern world, the pressure of work can often mount up and cause long-term effects such as depression and anxiety. Learning how to surf can offer a potent form of stress relief – You can forget about work, leave your worries behind and simply enjoy surfing!

4. Learn a new sport and have fun

It is important to try and test ourselves and learn new skills – This is how we develop as human beings. Attending a surf school can provide you with a new challenge and the opportunity to test your own skills and talents at a new sport. Furthermore, surfing is just a whole load of fun, therefore surfing lessons will be something you can look forward to each week.

5. Improve your knowledge of nature and the ocean

You may think that surfing is just a simple case of standing on a board and trying to not fall off – This could not be further from the truth. Surfing requires an in-depth understanding of nature, the ocean, the formation of waves, weather conditions and tidal motions. Learning to surf will help develop your own knowledge of the world we live in.

Because Newquay and Surfing are awesome

6. Newquay is a fantastic coastal resort

Newquay is a wonderful place to visit – It experiences great weather, favourable temperatures in spring and summer, and it is well developed with a host of attractions. Learning to surf at Newquay will allow you to immerse yourself in this region of Cornwall and really get to know this charming town.

7. Newquay is the home of UK Surfing

The history of surfing in the UK is intertwined with Newquay and the first surfers practised here back in the 1920’s. Where better to attend a surfing school than the birthplace of surfing in the UK? Today, Newquay still stands as a fantastic surfing location and professionals from around the world flock to this Cornish town to participate in tournaments and enjoy the surfing culture.

8. Fistral Beach

This epic beach is one of the most renowned surfing locations in the world. The angle of the beach, the enclosing arms of the promontories, and the formation of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean make the conditions at Fistral perfect for surfing. By attending a surf school in Newquay, you can make use of amazing beaches such as Fistral and give yourself a head start.

9. Learn from a professional and do it properly

The most obvious reason is that you will receive professional training and guidance! Learning to surf on your own can prove extremely difficult. By attending a surf school in Newquay, you will be instructed by someone who actually knows their stuff! They will correct your bad habits, and help you develop into a fine surfer.

10. Make new friends and socialise

As most surf schools will be composed of classes or groups of students, there is a real chance to socialise and mingle with a new group of like-minded people. You can help each other progress, provides tips and hints to help improve each other’s techniques, and then, of course, you could meet up after lessons to experience what Newquay has to offer. Surf schools are the perfect place to expand your horizons and enter the world of surfing culture.

As you can see, attending Surf Lessons Cornwall is a truly fantastic way to improve many aspects of your life and start learning this amazing sport!

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